The Forte Factor is dedicated to helping you identify and gather the information you need to make the next moment even better. We do this through professional coaching.

But we’re different.

Unlike other coaches, we don’t just help you solve what you came to us for. We help you become ready to achieve any possibility, even ones you may not have thought of yet. Our focus is on awareness and self-discovery. Our process enables you to develop your self-awareness and self-management, a combination that serves as the linchpin of successful lifetime performance. Discover, develop and live what is best in you.

Our network of Forte Factor coaches are certified ICF or Greatness Zone coaches and are trained to help you clearly define your goals, assess where you are (what works and what doesn’t work) to intentionally and purposefully address the things that don’t work to close this gap and achieve your goals.

Our coaching is about building self-awareness to discover and develop your abilities. It’s about building self-management to know how to wisely use and manage your abilities and responses to be successful in any of life’s situations. It’s about exploring possibilities, discovering your potential and building effectiveness. Our coaching provides the process to show up more aware, authentic and intentional in work and life.

Meet the Forte Factor Coaches

Jay Forte  MBA, CPC, ELI-MP – Founder, Coach, Educator, Author

A previous financial executive and corporate educator, Jay is a certified professional and executive coach, consultant, speaker and founder of The Forte Factor and Greatness Zone Professional Coaching. He is a nationally-ranked thought leader on performance and potential, and has written two books on the topic: Fire Up! Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition, and The Greatness Zone – Know Yourself, Find Your Fit, Transform the World.

Jay’s purpose in life is to help others discover, develop and live what is best in them. This creates a world of people living and working at their greatest potential. Coaching provides the structure, process and guidance to help each of us develop into our greatest selves to raise the quality, happiness and impact in life.

Jay’s favorite thing about coaching is sharing self-discovery, self-management and option-building tools with his clients, and helping them learn how to identify and connect their greatest abilities to opportunities in work and life. This process enables clients to find their fit – to feel confident, capable and successful in their decisions, and to lead bigger, bolder and better lives.

An avid writer, gardener and cook, Jay has three daughters and two grandsons. He spends his time between New England and South Florida.


Kristin Allaben – Associate Greatness Zone Coach

Kristin is an Associate Greatness Zone Coach specializing in “new horizons.” Regardless of the change you may be facing – whether it’s becoming a new parent, starting a new job or career, or some other big life change – Kristin’s coaching style helps guide you to an actionable solution, allowing you to feel more confident and engaged in taking your next step.

A former PR executive, Kristin has more than a decade of communications experience ranging from business to tech to healthcare industries.

She is an avid reader and writer, and enjoys running, playing soccer and raising her two sons. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and kids.

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