Building a Personal Branding Statement

By Jay Forte, Coach, Author, Educator

Having a personal branding statement can give you a competitive edge. This is because creating your personal branding statement is the result of self-awareness. You know and understand your greatest strengths and you’re concisely sharing that information with others. Not only will this help you in interviews and with networking, it will also help you see what areas in work and life fit you best.

So, what exactly is a personal branding statement?

A personal branding statement clearly and concisely shares your talents, strengths, passions and interests. It’s a snapshot of who you are, a summary of your Forte Factor.

An approach I’ve found to be particularly successful in creating your personal branding statement leverages this format:

I am a (strength), (strength) and (strength) person who loves (passion), (passion) and (passion). As a/an (identity) and (identity), I (verb), (verb) and (verb) to/for (a particular goal).

Here are three examples using that format:

I am a detail-oriented, logical and curious person who loves to solve problems and challenges to improve results. As an avid team player and athlete, I work as I train – to win, to succeed and be the best.

I am an optimistic, thoughtful and responsive person who loves to find ways to inspire and engage others. As a great connector, I tune in, listen and care about what people have to say so I can help them succeed in work and life.

I am a confident, courageous and assertive person who loves to do deals and make money. As a strategic entrepreneur, I search out opportunities to invent value and grow results.


Remember to keep it short, keep it clear and keep it focused on what is great, right and unique about you.

My advice: practice your personal branding statement so you can deliver it professionally and easily – without notes.

Never miss an opportunity to share your Forte Factor with others.


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