The Energy Funnel Explained: Level 2

By Jay Forte, Coach, Author, Educator

For those who find themselves in Level 2 energy on the Energy Funnel, they are classified as “The Warrior.”

Level 2 energy is characterized by conflict, judgments and arguing, among a number of other combative emotions. People in Level 2 energy often fight for things to be abundantly clear (i.e. black or white, no gray area), tend to be sarcastic and have a high need to be right. They can be controlling, aggressive and antagonistic.

What Level 2 Looks Like

Let’s say your project is discussed at the weekly team meeting and a few components are highlighted as areas that need work. The team begins to brainstorm ways you can further build out these pieces. You respond with a sarcastic comment and immediately point the finger at someone in the room for not providing you with the information you needed to build those components. This generates a similar response from the person you challenged and an argument ensues.

Or, you are driving on the highway and, to avoid some debris in the road, you swerve into another lane. Though you don’t hit the car in the other lane, you force them to hit their brakes. They then turn on their lights, lean on their horn and speed up to get next to you, cursing and using obscene gestures. They are in Level 2 energy.

Consider the second example. What level of energy are you in and do you want to be in?


  • Thought: Irritation
  • Feeling: Anger
  • Action: Confrontation
  • Advantages of Level 2 energy: productive by self, achievement happens in difficult situations, can impact/drive change, ensures they are heard
  • Disadvantages of Level 2 energy: results are not sustainable, relationships are challenged, others disconnect and disengage, results in little to no trust or respect

Remember: when you notice you are in Level 2 energy, you can become aware of what is inspiring this level of energy. And this awareness can help you choose how you want to approach the situation or circumstance, whether that’s with Level 2 energy or in any of the other six levels. Many people default to Level 2 energy as part of our instinctual fight or flight reactions. Level 2 energy is fight.

As you become more aware of your emotions and energy, combined with your understanding of the six levels of energy, you see that your energy level is yours to choose.

Awareness is key. The result is you can significantly improve your outlook, outcome and experience.

Important Questions from a Coach

  1. What activates Level 2 energy for you?
  2. How is Level 2 energy productive for you?
  3. How is Level 2 energy unproductive for you?
  4. When it is unproductive, how can you move to a more productive energy level?

Do you find yourself moving through life mostly in Level 1 or Level 2 energy? Schedule a complimentary 15-minute coaching session with Jay to determine if coaching could improve your energetic response.


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