The Energy Funnel Explained: Level 4

By Jay Forte, Coach, Author, Educator

For those who find themselves in Level 4 energy on the Energy Funnel, they are classified as “The Provider.”

Level 4 energy is characterized by helping, responding, healing, fixing, loving and nurturing. This energy level manifests as being ruled by relationships and working to ensure [positive] attention is on others. People in Level 4 energy are often emotional, focused on others and service-minded.

Notice that Level 4 is anabolic; you focus on others with care and support. Notice the energy starts to become more positive and productive, along with opportunities and feelings.

What Level 4 Looks Like

Let’s say you are a devoted mom. You are at all of your kids’ events, you help with projects, you bring forgotten homework to school and you leave notes in their lunches. You constantly change your schedule to accommodate their needs and interests. You don’t do it because you have to, you do it because you care deeply.

Or, you are a very committed and supportive team member. Your team knows that when they ask for your help you always say yes, regardless of how busy you are. Your team knows you are approachable and available, because helping others out is important to you. It matters that others can rely on you.


  • Thought: Care
  • Feeling: Kindness
  • Action: Support
  • Advantages of Level 4 energy: a focus on self-less service, deep empathy, concern and attention to others
  • Disadvantages of Level 4 energy: disregard self for a focus on others, overly judgmental in your need to assess and fix others

Remember: when you notice you are in Level 4 energy, you can become aware of what is inspiring this level of energy. This awareness, combined with your understanding of the six levels of energy, presents you with the opportunity to choose how you will address the situation.

As you become more aware of your emotions, combined with a deeper understanding of the six levels of energy, you see that your energy level is yours to choose. The result is powerful: you can significantly improve your outlook, outcome and experience.

Important Questions from a Coach

  1. What activates Level 4 energy for you?
  2. How is Level 4 energy productive for you?
  3. How is Level 4 energy unproductive for you?
  4. When it is unproductive, how can you move to a more productive energy level?

Are you known for caring too much? Do you find that you give more to others so that you have little left for yourself? Consider scheduling a complimentary 15-minute coaching session with Jay to determine if coaching can help you include yourself in your level of care to feel happy and engaged in both work and life.


Continue reading about the next energy level: Level 5.

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