The Energy Funnel Explained: Level 6

By Jay Forte, Coach, Author, Educator 

For those who find themselves in Level 6 energy on the Energy Funnel, they are classified as “The Designer.”

Level 6 energy shows as being totally present, very aware and connected to something larger. People in Level 6 energy are intuitive, non-judgmental, creative, inspiring and productive. They are often described as visionaries and able to make things happen.

Those in Level 6 energy believe that people are who they are – there is no fixing or controlling needed; relationships are to be experienced. They don’t identify or focus on differences, make judgments or make comparisons. Instead, they believe we each bring something unique to the table, and those unique strengths and abilities should be harnessed and used for the greater good. Those in Level 6 energy do not fight with what is; they accept and allow things to happen as they happen. They are unflappable and unaffected by the aggravations, frustrations and irritations of life. They choose to see past these, remaining optimistic and possibility-focused.

What Level 6 Looks Like

You meet a college alumnus at your college reunion. As you critique how your previous classmates have changed, who they used to be and what you didn’t like about them, your college friend simply comments on how good it is to see everyone, hear about their lives and celebrate being together.

Another example: you and your family are traveling to an island for a well-needed vacation. You have been planning it for months and have coordinated schedules with your adult children so the entire family will be together for four days. An unexpected severe storm shuts down the airport, causing two of your kids to miss out on the trip. As others in your family are furious by the storm and the interruption in their vacation, you calmly look to reschedule the trip at another time when the family can all be together, acknowledging that weather can sometimes interrupt plans.


  • Thought: Clarity
  • Feeling: Connection
  • Action: Inspire
  • Advantages of Level 6 energy: Supports and values everyone and everything without judgment
  • Disadvantages of Level 6 energy: Can be perceived as disconnected and aloof because of detached involvement; a connection to everything and nothing at the same time.

Remember: when you notice that you are in Level 6 energy, you can become aware of what is inspiring this level of energy. You can then decide how to use this level of energy to make greater things happen in your work, life and relationships. This level is about designing, about seeing that all things are possible.

As you become more aware of your emotions, and your understanding of the six levels of energy improves, you’ll see that your energy level is yours to choose. The result is that you can significantly improve your outlook, outcome and experience.

Important Questions from a Coach

  1. What activates Level 6 energy for you?
  2. How is Level 6 energy productive for you?
  3. How is Level 6 energy unproductive for you?
  4. When it is unproductive (even Level 6 energy can be unproductive), how can you move to a more productive energy level?

Are you told you’re disconnected despite your efforts to fully support and connect with everyone? Or, have you started to connect with the possibilities that accompany Level 6 energy and you want more? Schedule a complimentary 15-minute coaching session with Jay to determine if coaching can help you better understand how to use your performance energy well.


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