Is Your Life an Adventure?

By Jay Forte, Coach, Author, Educator

I was recently on a flight home from a speaking gig in Memphis, and as the plane took off, there was a deafening bang from the left side of the plane, followed by a terrible smell. All 165 passengers sat there, quietly speculating what could have happened while a wave of panic quickly grew. An announcement from the captain told us we took a bird into the left engine and needed to return to the airport.

I thought of Captain Sully landing his jet on the Hudson River after his infamous bird strike as the plane wobbled over the hills around Memphis, making two larger passes over the area to give emergency vehicles time to assemble and prepare for our landing. We landed safely and, once at full stop, we were surrounded by fire engines, ready to foam us down if leaks or flames were detected.

Thankfully, we were fine and the plane limped its way to the gate.

Sometimes, life presents us with something that shakes us. It could be a scary airport landing, an illness or personal bankruptcy. And sometimes, it is something exceptional, like the connection to a person you know you will go through life with, succeeding in something difficult or closing that all important deal at work.

It’s how we choose to deal with each event – whether or not we decide to see life as an adventure – that affects our energy, outlook and happiness.

Life doesn’t judge you as good or bad. It just delivers the events – some easy, some hard, some exciting, some heartbreaking. Viewing all of them as part of your adventure helps you keep perspective to climb the hills, ford the streams and, when things seem particularly challenging, find the energy to keep going.

When you view life as an adventure, you don’t take it personally. You simply choose to be part of it, celebrating where it takes you and what you learn in the process.

As Helen Keller said, “Life is an adventure or it is nothing.”

I choose adventure.

Important Questions from a Coach:

  1. What do you do to make your life an adventure?
  2. Where in your work/life/relationship(s) are you playing small when playing larger would connect you to a bigger, bolder life?
  3. What is one thing you can do today to live a dream, develop a passion and make your life more of an adventure?


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