There is Genius in All of Us

By Jay Forte, Coach, Author, Educator

I have only one wish for the New Year: that we start to see the genius in all of us.

Let me explain.

We each come packaged with amazing abilities, the noteworthy special talents that connect you to your potential. Some people call them your “inner genius” while others call them your “natural abilities.” I call them your Forte Factor.

I admit, this may be harder for some people to achieve than others for a few reasons.

  1. Sometimes we haven’t figured out our genius. It takes time and effort to discover, develop and live what is best in us. In fact, it is a lifetime journey. So, imagine if you intentionally look to identify, see and support the best in others. How might you facilitate their journey and help them? And in the process, what would you learn about yourself? Discover your Forte Factor.
  2. Sometimes we fight our genius. There is often pressure to follow what others do, but once we understand our genius, we can see it naturally leads us down our own path. We each have our own unique genius because it gives us the room and space in today’s world to do what we are best at and love (for the benefit of all). Embrace your Forte Factor.
  3. Sometimes we can’t or won’t see others’ genius. We take cues from the world around us that label things as right or wrong, good or bad. Yet it’s these labels the world seemingly needs to assign that distract us from our unique abilities. So, lose the labels. What truly matters is discovering, developing and living what is best in each of us. Appreciate the unique Forte Factor in others.

So back to my one wish for the New Year: I wish for all of us to learn to first look for and see the genius, greatness and potential in others. It takes effort. It takes intention. It requires mindfulness.

And when you focus on what’s best in others, you will start to discover your own best – your Forte Factor. Once you recognize it, you can use it to go out and make life better for all of us.

So here’s what you can do to help make my New Year’s wish a reality. For the next person you encounter, commit to seeing their genius. The next person who may share a perspective or lifestyle different than yours, focus on their genius. The next person who your world tells you is okay to hate, choose instead to see their genius.

You will be surprised by their response and yours.

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