Staying Calm and Wise in a Wild World: Your Reality Check

By Jay Forte

More than 7 billion people live in our world, each with their own unique behaviors, strengths, talents, values and perspectives. With so many differences going head-to-head on a regular basis, it’s little wonder it can seem like all hell is breaking loose. At every turn, there is some negative or disheartening news about politics, taxes, healthcare or terrorist activity. There are days I think the world is spinning out of control.  

But here’s your reality check. It’s not. It’s just the world doing what it does. The challenge is to learn how to stay calm and wise when presented with the events happening in our world.

Here are some of the popular myths of today’s wild world and your reality check on each.

Myth: Conflicts are inevitable.
Reality: Conflicts come when we are unable or unwilling to see value in another’s perspective while holding tightly to what we think is right. By learning to see the value in others, and where we are similar instead of different, is the starting point to learning to live without continual conflict. Differences of opinions are inevitable, but conflicts don’t have to be.

Myth: For you to win, someone has to lose.
Reality: There is no need for a zero-sum game approach to life. Everyone is equipped with their own strengths and talents, which may help fill a void that you can’t tackle with your own strengths and talents. Learning to see each person’s intrinsic value enables us to be wiser in the way we share what we have to help others succeed in life.

Myth: There is only one right way to move forward.
Reality: There is no one way to do life. The road to a happy and successful life is as varied as the people living them. You may find that after tuning in to yourself and reflecting on what you discover, you may have some beliefs that need realigning because they make you dogmatic, judgmental or critical. Each person has their own way of moving forward in order to be their best self while also respecting, supporting and empowering others to do the same.

Myth: Life is hard, mean and unforgiving.
Reality: Your ability to live a happy, meaningful and successful life is not based on what life gives you. Instead, it is based on what you do with, and how you respond to, what life gives you. Life isn’t always happy when you are rich or miserable when you’re poor. You aren’t better or worse because you align with many of the ideals of either the Republicans or the Democrats. You aren’t better if you are a Christian, a Jew, Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist. You simply have a different set of beliefs that help you learn how to be present in life.

These are just four of the many myths our wild world inspires. What can you do today to stop living your life based on myth?

Important Questions from a Coach:

  1. What values or beliefs keep you small, judgmental and critical, and what can you replace them with?
  2. What can you do today to better understand and respect others?
  3. How can you make the world a better place?


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