Small Actions Lead to Big Results

By Jay Forte

I remember when I was younger and felt like I struggled to make a difference in my work and company. I shared this feeling with my dad – a true philosopher. He reminded me that my role in life – both at home and at work – is not to improve everything. Rather, my role is to improve the things I touch.

What does this mean? Small things done consistently yield great results.

To start, practice tuning in to what is in front of you. Be present to gather information in each moment. This helps you develop a greater awareness of how this specific moment can benefit from what you do and love best.

So challenge yourself. What small thing can you do today, right now, that will improve something?

Consider these examples:

  • You are at the dinner table. You stop and notice that dinner tonight includes a couple of your favorite foods. A sincere thank you to the cook makes a big difference.
  • You are meeting with a customer and notice the customer’s phone continues to ring. You interrupt the meeting to allow the customer to take the call and deal with whatever seems urgent. Once completed, the customer now shows up more present to your meeting, making it more successful.
  • Your teen seems anxious about something at school. Instead of settling down in front of the TV to catch up on Netflix, you ask your teen to go for a ride to get a coffee, ice cream or something from a bakery to create the space and the time to talk. This allows your relationship to continue to grow while, in the short term, giving them the validation that they are heard and valued.
  • You are rushing to grab your coffee on the way to the office. A car is trying to get into the same parking lot as you. You stop and let the car in, something others haven’t done. The driver of the other car gets in line in front of you when ordering coffee and pays for yours for the courtesy.

Small things done consistently yield great results.

Each moment of every day presents us with ways to show up larger, bolder and more connected to others, all of which allows us to improve things in work and life. To have a meaningful impact doesn’t mean you have to do everything; there is always a small something that can be done. Watch for it. Act on it. Everything about work and life will improve as a result.

Important Questions from a Coach:

  1. How will you watch for a way to improve something at home?
  2. How will you watch for a way to improve something at work?
  3. Notice how you feel when you improve something. How will this to encourage you to keep it going?


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