Something Just Happened and You Asked, Now What?

Every day, life presents us with new situations. Most situations are seemingly mundane; we can default into habit mode or autopilot and continue through our day without much extra thought.

But some situations can be significant, leading us to ask, “now what?”

You lose your job – now what?

You kids are finally out of the house and off to college – now what?

You win the lottery – now what?

You get an unfavorable health diagnosis – now what?

Now what? We say it a lot when we aren’t sure what to do.

When you hear yourself say it, use it to remind yourself to get present. Stop and notice so you can more wisely consider, choose and act.

Sometimes, we need someone to sound things off of, to help us get out of our own way, when working through a big life situation. Sometimes we need help to sort through what life sends us so we can choose and act calmly, wisely and with intention. Workplace and life coaches have tools to help you get clear when a situation in work or life forces us to ask, now what?

Asking “now what” doesn’t mean that you’re stuck. It doesn’t mean that that there’s no clear direction forward. “Now what” is your brain reminding you to stop and notice, then consider, choose and act. What’s happening? What’s going on around you? Gather as much information in this moment as you can to help make the right decision in your next moment. And when you need some guidance to help you discover what the right decision is for you, let us know. We can help.

By Jay Forte

If this is happening to you now, click here to learn about our guided program Now What? Building New Possibilities While Navigating Life’s Changes.

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