Dog Wisdom

Every morning is great, never a dark thunder cloud.
Every morning starts new, with wagging so proud.
Not stuck in the past, not worried about money.
Not complaining the day is not just that sunny.
Not holding a grudge, or upset with their friends;
Not worried about fashion, Facebook or the Benz.
Not wondering if today, things will all go their way.
But present in each moment of each blessed day.

Dogs don’t need much – they all just want love,
Add some good food, and a family to be part of.
Not much more – no high expectations;
No fancy car or elaborate vacations.
They want some attention and moments to share
Their spirit, their wisdom, and how much they care.

Then, there are we humans with lives oh so rough.
All worried and nervous about having enough stuff.
We get challenged by looks, comments and frowns;
We get upset, sad and all versions of downs.
Little things upset us and lead us astray,
We get all upset when things don’t go our way.

We have our couldas and wouldas and things that we ought
From voices of others, from things we’ve been taught.
They keep us all twisted and scared without reason.
They keep us alarmed and concerned in each season.
The world takes us down with our focus on lack,
On limits and problems and meaningless yack.

We don’t see what dogs see – a new view each day,
To have fun, to live life, to be happy and play.
All around us is wisdom, of how to live right,
To live with a focus of play and delight.
Tune in to those eyes that have no conditions,
And the tails that wag without any suspicions.
Tune in to the greeting, delivered on demand.
Tune in to the love, given so freely, so grand.

There is much to learn from the Pug or the Lab,
The Schnauzer or Shih Tzu, with coats oh so fab.
The Shepherd and Sheepdog, the Maltese and Beagle,
The St Bernard, the Boxer and Great Dane so regal.
They have just one wish – to have a great life.
They have no agenda, no interest in strife.

There are just some days that I am really seeing
That dogs are way smarter than we human beings.

By Jay Forte

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