Your Impact is Greater Than You Think

“Don’t ever underestimate the impact you may have on someone else’s life.” -Anonymous

“Everything you do has some effect, some impact.” -Anonymous

The social distancing / quarantine imposed as a result of COVID-19 has shed a lot of light on so many things, primarily impact. Your impact on the world, and the impact so many people have on ours.

Let’s start there: the impact of others.

I’ve seen countless memes and posts on social channels about the value of teachers, and how so many parents didn’t realize just how much work they do and how much time and dedication are required to teach young minds.

I’ve heard about the lines at grocery stores and pharmacies and how, despite the risk to themselves, the employees are showing up to do their jobs, to ensure each of us have the food and medicine we need.

I’ve heard about truck drivers working tirelessly to help stores restock shelves, and delivery drivers trying their best to get things to where they need to be in a timely fashion because people are heeding the advice to stay home.

A week ago, these people were just doing a job. Today, these people are a lifeline. Impact.

Imagine if grocery store employees decided not to show up, to restock shelves, to help you get what you need. Imagine if teachers decided not to be available to help parents continue teaching their children at home. Imagine if delivery drivers decided they didn’t want to travel in a potentially infected area.

What would the impact of those decisions look like for you?

Now let’s look at our impact, specifically on our planet.

I’ve had a few conversations over the past week that addressed the significant reduction in traffic and what that may mean – or do – for the air we breathe. And then I stumbled on this article about the water in Venice. For those of you who haven’t seen, the water is CLEAR.

Imagine if the benefit to this social distancing / quarantine is not just to flatten the curve, but to also let the Earth heal itself from the beating we put on it every single day. Imagine what our world could look like in a few months, not just a few weeks.

So remember that everyone has an impact on someone and something.

Now that you’re aware, what will be yours?

Take Action
As a coach, awareness is something I work on with my clients: awareness of you (self-awareness), awareness of others and awareness of your world (world-awareness). It’s not just about what you’re thinking and feeling, but also about being aware of the impact you have on others (this is also called emotional intelligence) and your surroundings.

Over the next few days, take notice of your impact on those around you. How does your mood impact those in your house (both a good mood and a bad mood)? How does your ability to say “thank you” to someone impact their mood, and possibly even their day? (Remember that video of the little boy who hugged the pizza delivery man? Turns out that man needed that hug after just losing his daughter.)

Impact. How can you ensure your impact will leave a positive and productive mark? And be sure to tune in to our new video, 3 Tips to Stay Calm When COVID-19 Has You and the Kids Stuck in the House.

By Kristin Allaben

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