People who are successful in work and life know their talents and strengths – they know their unique and core abilities. It takes effort to discover our talents but discovering them is critical to living and working at our best.


  • reflect our strengths (what we are good at) and the areas in which we have the potential to be great.
  • reflect our interests and passions (what we love to do).
  • indicate the way we think – that means we learn quicker and understand things better in our talent areas. This helps us perform better, become more confident, competent and successful.

The Talent and Performance Style Assessment™ is a tool to help give language to our talents, strengths and strongest abilities – so we identify them and incorporate them into all aspects of our lives.

In the workplace, this Assessment helps organizations assess whether job candidates and existing employees have the core talents and unique abilities needed to be successful in jobs.

In life, this Assessment helps identify our talents, strengths and abilities to have the right information to make wise work and life decisions.

This Assessment takes approximately 12 – 15 minutes and will require you to make selections between attributes presented as being most like you to least like you. This an assessment, not a test. There are no right or wrong answers. You are who you are and the assessment will help you discover and give language to your talents and strengths. In the assessment, record your first or top-of-mind reaction. Be honest. Answer as you are, not as you wish or want to be.  The Assessment will summarize your natural reactions and preferences. This information will help you better know yourself so you can make better choices.

At the end of the Assessment, you will receive a report that summarizes your Performance Preference (how you approach performance in work and life), your Performance Personality (how your personality guides your performance) and your 4 Primary Talents (your most significant strengths and unique abilities).

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