The more aware we are, the more we see, learn and know about ourselves, our world and our workplace. The more we know what fits us, the more we know what works for us and what doesn’t work for us. The quality of our decisions about work and life improve. We activate our built-in competitive advantage.

The Leading Edge provides tips, guidance and thoughtful content to help you develop your inner leader to be your best self, while also encouraging and developing those around you to be their best, as well.

In every moment of every day, you have the opportunity to think and act as a leader. Embrace it. Be the leader of your own life. Be a leader everywhere.

Defining Success on Your Own Terms
By Kristin Allaben   As a parent, I’m consistently inundated with advice and parenting do’s and don’ts. Don’t give them
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Write a Better Story
By Jay Forte As a kid, and even into my teens, I had a terrible lisp. When I discovered it,
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Thinking About Your Value
By Jay Forte You are not valuable because of what you do, contribute or invent. You are not valuable because
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Life is the Ultimate Teacher
By Jay Forte Few of us loved spending time in school. The homework, the studying, the tests – not high
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It’s Just Another Manic Monday
By Kristin Allaben You knock over the cup of freshly poured coffee and it splashes across your pants as you’re
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Small Actions Lead to Big Results
By Jay Forte I remember when I was younger and felt like I struggled to make a difference in my
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