What on earth is a Coachinar? We’re so glad you asked.

A Coachinar is a FREE live discussion with a Forte Factor coach offering guidance on a topic that will help you take control of the direction of your life.

If you’re looking for direct guidance on a specific situation you’re facing, consider a Group Coaching Class or individual coaching session.

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The Confidence Series

Join us for our monthly Confidence Coachinars and group coaching classes to dive into the challenges and blocks that may be impacting your ability to show up as your true, confident self.

COACHINAR: How to Be Confident in Your Own Skin
Wednesday, April 14
8 p.m. ET 

Imagine if you were so tuned in to your strengths and your unique abilities that you felt confident to be in any situation that life sent. This might not be as far-fetched as you think.

It’s entirely possible to be confident in your own skin because you come equipped with everything you need to be successful in life. You’re just moving so fast that you look right past what you need to find your way; you don’t take the time to really know yourself.

Here’s the reality: the most confident people in the room are the people who know themselves and embrace it. They know what they’re great at and they find ways to bring it to the world. They know what they stink at and they develop ways to work around these, including supporting and encouraging others who excel in those areas.

The first step? Learn how to know the real you. This is key to developing confidence in your own skin.

Join Coach Kristin Allaben in this Coachinar to learn the process of getting to know yourself from the inside out through a series of brief activities that will help you learn how to reclaim your confidence.

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How to be Confident about Your College Decision (to go or not to go)

Don’t waste money on college. Make it an investment. Be confident in your decision to go (or not) and how that aligns to the career path you’ve identified for yourself. Watch the coachinar. If you’re looking for extra guidance on what comes next after high school, consider our College Camp.

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Being in quarantine will test the relationships you have with everyone you live with. Learn how to make those relationships survive and thrive. (Recording available.)

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Learn how to implement the Goalpost Model to set one manageable and achievable goal in every category of your life. It will help you feel like you’re giving 100% in everything when it would otherwise be unrealistic. (Recording available.)