2018 is around the corner. What will you do to make it amazing?

What new things will 2018 bring?

What do you want to achieve?

How will you discover, develop and use your talents, strengths, passions and interests to grow into the best version of yourself?

A great life doesn’t happen just by showing up. It happens when you know yourself, define what you want and build a plan to achieve it.

New Year, New You is designed to help you make 2018 all about becoming the best version of you. This unique approach to coaching combines some of our best tools and tips to give you guidance on how to make wise work and life choices to start your year off right.


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This program runs from November 2017 through the end of February 2018.

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CONTEST: Why I Want To Work With A Coach

The tools, resources and guidance a coach can offer can be critical in helping you discover, develop and live as your best self. So, we’re offering one of our subscribers the opportunity to win a full month of coaching with a certified life/workplace coach. This includes four 45-minute calls to help you better understand yourself, build your plan and navigate around your unique roadblocks that prevent you from doing and achieving what you want in the New Year.

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Programs for New Year, New You

We offer three 1-month programs, facilitated with a coach, to help you gain clarity about who you are and how to leverage that insight to tap into your greatest abilities to move forward with your plan for a great and happy life. Each program includes a manual, online assessment, book and one-on-one time with a certified Greatness Zone coach. Start now to get ready for 2018.

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