Ready for Recovery

Creating Opportunities from a Crisis

We have been upset, frustrated and angry for the interruptions and challenges in life brought on by COVID-19. But consider this: we were given a global reset – a rare opportunity to see things as they really are and the time to consider what we should include (or not) as we move forward.

So, as we move toward redefining a new “normal,” don’t just go back to how things were. Instead, ask the question, “what could make this better?”

This resource center provides guidance in two areas for the post-quarantine COVID-19 world:

  1. To help you identify, understand and manage your emotions to stay healthy (because your best solutions for your new normal will be from a calm and focused mind).
  2. To help you imagine, invent and create different scenarios of what could happen for you, your family and your organization, so you are ready as things start to move forward.

We are here to help. Connect with one of our coaches for additional guidance.

Home and Family

From the Forte Factor Coaches

  • Rebuilding a New Normal from the Ground Up: For Families – Read.
  • Poem: When It’s Just Not Your Day Download.
  • Managing a Culture of Breaking News – Read.
  • The Quarantine Diaries – Read.
  • Create Your Stopper – Read.

Additional Resources

The Workplace

From the Forte Factor Coaches

  • Three Steps to a Better Post-COVID-19 Workplace and Life – Read.
  • Whether a Talent Shortage or Surplus, You Still Need an Effective Hiring Process – Download Tips
  • Now You’ve Had A Taste: Do You Really Like Working From Home? – Read.
  • How to Move Forward When You Don’t Know Where You are Going – Read.

Additional Resources

  • Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Application – Form available from Small Business Association.
  • Reopening Your Business
    • How You Can Plan for a Safe Reopening – Inc.
    • 5 Tips for Safely Reopening Your Office – Harvard Business Review
    • The Reopening Challenge: 5 Tips for Getting Back to Business – Inc.
    • Key Labor and Employment Considerations for Developing a Return-to-Work Strategy – TLNT
  • Life in the New Normal
    • The Future is Not What it Used to be: Thoughts on the Shape of the Next Normal – McKinsey & Company
    • From Surviving to Thriving: Reimagining the Post-COVID-19 Return – McKinsey & Company
  • Leadership