2020 Vision: Get Clear, Get Big Results

To have the life and career you want requires clarity.

So, get clear about you. Get clear about life. Get clear about work. Then commit to action.

Make 2020 your best year yet.

Let’s get started.

2020 is about gaining clarity.

Get clear on who you are and what you want. Then make it happen.

Why Work With A Coach?

Coaches are guides who excel in helping people get clear about their desired path and create an actionable plan to make it happen.

In 2020, the team of coaches at The Forte Factor will be your guides, providing you with tools, programs and information to help you develop clarity about you, your relationships, your career and life direction, as well as the blocks that will slow you down or stop you.

Get clear in 2020. Get big results. We’re here to help.


Engage With A Coach

There are multiple ways to engage with us.

  • Coaching
  • Keynote Presentation
    • Your personal and professional lives are deeply intertwined. Life events impact your work performance and work events impact how you show up to life. Jay Forte presents a 1-hour keynote session about how to get clear in 3 big areas of work and life (you, your relationships, your life/career path) and how gaining clarity leads to big results. Contact Jay to learn more or to schedule your event.
  • Webinar
    • A 10-session program that guides you through identifying the path you want to pursue and how to build an action plan to make it happen. Contact Jay to learn more.
  • Self-Directed Program
    • Our Possibilities program manual, combined with the wisdom from our book, The Greatness Zone, provides you with material to guide you in identifying your path and creating your action plan at your own pace. Contact Kristin to learn more.

Engage with us on Facebook and LinkedIn for continued guidance and tips throughout the year.


5 Tips to Get Unstuck

Whether it’s related to something at work or something in life, get our 5 tips for you to stop feeling stuck in whatever situation you’re in.

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3 Tips to Creating a Clear Career Path

Maybe you’ve redefined what you want your career to look like. Maybe you want to try something new. Get our top 3 tips to help you identify how to create the career path you want.

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3AboutMe Talent Assessment

Our free Talent Assessment provides you with insight into your 3 strongest behaviors. This helps you start to understand your greatest talents and abilities, while also giving you the language you need to seek out the opportunities in work and life that are aligned to your greatest strengths.

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“Why do we spend our lives striving to be something that we would never want to be, if only we knew what we wanted? Why do we waste our time doing things which, if we only stopped to think about them, are just the opposite of what we were made for?”

Thomas Merton