Get Your Kids Ready for Life

A Parents Program to Help Guide Your Kids to Happy, Healthy and Responsible Lives

Life is challenging on its best day. For kids, this can be both confusing and a great learning opportunity. We can’t control what they have to deal with. We can, however, prepare them to be ready for whatever life sends them by teaching how to make wise and intentional decisions.

Most of us parent the way we were parented, but, as many parents come to realize, many of the things we learned are not effective in today’s world. Today’s kids need parents who help, guide and support them to be who they are, to know themselves and to connect to the places in work and life that need what they do and like best. This helps them feel capable, competent and confident. This helps them see that they are their life’s owner; it is up to them to make wise choices based on who they are, something that can only be done when they are equipped with the knowledge of their natural strengths and passions. Helping them discover, develop and live their strengths prepares them to be adaptive, resilient and happy in a complex and changing world.

The Forte Factor’s Get Your Kids Ready For Life program presents a mindfulness approach and process to parenting. It shares some of our best coaching tools to help parents be more of a guide than a manager. Through the materials, tools and guidance from a certified coach, parents develop a greater awareness of what works and doesn’t work in their parenting, with the goal of helping to create a confident, productive and happy child(ren) in today’s world.

With focus and facilitated guidance, this program can help families build stronger parent-child relationships as well as prepare the next generation to know how to successfully and productively navigate life.

What you get with The Get Your Kids Ready For Life program:

  • The Get Your Kids Ready For Life Program Manual
  • The Greatness Zone book
  • Talent and Performance Style Assessment
  • 4 1-hour coaching calls or one-day live program
  • Action plan guidance

Whether you’re interested for you or for someone you know, contact us to get more information or to schedule your first session.

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