Now What?

Life comes at you fast. It is always changing, presenting you with something new or unexpected that you need to learn how to navigate. It could be a change due to health, life status, work opportunity or even the loss of a job, spouse or something that matters to you. Sometimes, these changes lead to success. Other times, it throws you off your game. But ultimately, there is the opportunity to build new possibilities while navigating life’s changes.

The Forte Factor’s Now What? program presents a mindfulness approach and process to better see, understand and manage life’s changes by being more self-aware, self-managed, confident and resilient. Through self-discovery work and an introduction to seeing the world in a new and more expansive way, new and good-fit possibilities to any situation can be discovered and employed to help answer the question, Now What? after any life or work changes.

Most of us default to the same responses when life changes around us, which can be ineffective. The challenge is that we lack the guidance in how to make wise life choices when we are dealing with something that upset our personal balance – even if we knew the event was coming. Developing the clarity, courage and resilience to keep moving forward in a way that matters will help you make the most of every day, regardless of what life sends.

The Now What? program can be applied to any life change, including, but not limited to:

  • Changing careers (by choice, or following a layoff or firing)
  • Promotion, demotion
  • Going to college (to go or not to go)
  • Getting married, getting divorced
  • Financial success, financial challenges
  • Becoming a parent, empty nesting
  • Retirement
  • Losing a loved one – death or relationship

Whatever life sends, we can help you learn how to decide, Now What?

What you get with the Now What? program:

  • Now What? Program Manual
  • Talent and Performance Style Assessment
  • The Greatness Zone book
  • 4 1-hour coaching calls
  • Action plan guidance to develop personal and / or professional clarity and focus

Whether you’re interested for you or for someone you know, contact us to get more information.

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