The College Camp

Don’t waste money on college.

This doesn’t mean don’t spend it; it means choose wisely about whether college is the right next step in the student’s development. If so, for what degree and in what college environment?

These are important questions that students and parents/guardians rarely ask because, for many families, it is presumed that a student will go to college directly after high school.

However, to make this meaningful and expensive decision requires clarity, focus and intention.

The Forte Factor’s The College Camp program presents a mindfulness approach and process to assess and evaluate if college is a meaningful and necessary next step after high school based on a student’s educational, career and personal goals and expectations. If so, the program guides the student – and parents/guardians – through a process to help wisely define the college environment criteria that aligns to the student’s strengths and goals. Delivered through tools and personalized coaching, this program will help students gain clarity around their abilities, interests and career direction, and, if college is the right next step, it will help them identify the college environments that will encourage their success.

As information is discovered, it is discussed with parents/guardians to help them become a guide to support this process instead of directing it. This work is for the student to do; after all, it is the student who must live with the impact and results of this decision.

With focus and guidance, this program can save families thousands of dollars, misspent on degrees or at a college that does not support the abilities, interests, direction or goals of the student.

What you get with The College Camp program:

  • The College Camp Program Manual
  • The Greatness Zone book
  • Talent and Performance Style Assessment
  • 5 1-hour coaching calls
  • Action plan guidance to develop personal and / or professional clarity and focus

Whether you’re interested for you or for someone you know, contact us to get more information.

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