Need Help With …


  • Job preparation and interviewing
  • Job alignment and career development
  • Job performance challenges and/or workplace performance challenges
  • Connecting with employees and learning to coach instead
    of manage
  • Team alignment, including guiding, supporting and being a productive team member
  • Engaging and retaining employees


The Coach’s Corner

The Coach’s Corner provides you with a brief coaching skill every week to help you develop your abilities, confidence and impact as a coach.

To schedule a coaching session to expand on these tips and transform you from manager to coach, contact Jay.

My Workplace Coaching Philosophy

“Play to your strengths to stand out at work” 


I believe that to be amazing at work, you must know yourself well enough to align yourself to a job or role that fits your unique abilities and interests. Helping you discover and develop your talents, strengths, passions and values helps you not only make better career choices, but gives you the language to network, connect with and introduce yourself to others both in and out of the workplace. You will also be able to more effectively help them see what is best in you.

Learning your talents and strengths helps you tune in to the talents and strengths of others, to manage and coach more effectively, and to improve employee connection, teamwork, engagement, performance and retention. 

Your built-in performance advantage comes in your strengths – your Forte Factor. Know it and use it to stand out in the workplace.

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Know your strengths and talents to help you find the right role, the right job and the right activities – those that need what you are good at and like to do. Know your 3 core talents and the practical everyday words that describe what you are best at to excel in your workplace.

And have your employees take the assessment so you both can identify what they are good at and enjoy most.



A coach is only as good as the progress he helps his clients achieve…

“Working with Jay has been a singular pleasure.  By combining deep professional knowledge, with an extraordinary personal intuition for human behavior, Jay has helped McCormick Stevenson to establish a world-class “people process” — a process that simultaneously serves our company’s needs, while honoring the unique talents, gifts and passions of each of our team members.” 

Noel McCormick, President, McCormick Stevenson Corporation


“I have been involved in coaching, facilitating, and instructing for my entire adult life, so when I found out Jay Forte had a program on coaching I was interested. However, I presumed that there wouldn’t be a lot more to learn since I had been studying it for so long. I was stunned how I learned something new each time Jay and I spoke. He has used his instructional materials to change the way I coach, mentor, and lead those around me. It is a life-changing education that can be used in your personal and professional life!” 

Jeremy Hurd, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, Professional Development Captain and Chaplain


“Coach Jay runs The Greatness Zone. I began my coaching with him mid 2016. In just a couple of sessions he empowered me with a framework to re-center myself, when headed for derailment. He is kind with a passion for helping others show up to life as the best version of themselves. He does so with research-based assessments (to identify strengths and growth areas), then, with humility mixed with real-world practicality, he guides clients along their journey of personal growth & development. I highly recommend Jay.”

Thomas Harrell, Talent Development Specialist, Master Electronics