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Every organization has its own unique challenges, all of which can be addressed and improved by integrating workplace mindfulness to the company culture.

We define mindfulness as paying attention on purpose. Mindfulness in the workplace means focused and deliberate awareness about oneself and the workplace, resulting in intentional actions and improved outcomes.

Our Corporate Coaching Programs are mindfulness-based. They train all learners in the Mindfulness Formula, which has improved organizational performance through increased employee productivity, increased employee engagement, improved workplace culture, and a greater focus on creating and acting on new opportunities.

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Our Programs

Hire Wisely

Retrain your hiring team to wisely define, source, interview and onboard talent. Providing tools and a guided process, this program creates greater employee engagement, productivity, performance and retention by aligning employees to the right fit role. Learn more.

Hire and Manage Remote Employees

It is critical to have a process to consistently and successfully hire the right employees. It is more critical when the employee is remote. Engage, activate and inspire the best performance from remote employees. Learn more.

The Prove-it-to-Me Interview

Test before you invest. Redefine your interview process to include a combination of behavioral-based questions and activities to better assess and evaluate job candidate fit. Learn more.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Become tuned in, present and mindful to expand what you notice, consider and act on in the workplace to improve performance and results. Helping all employees learn to focus and pay attention on purpose solves challenges and seeks out opportunities. Learn more.

The Mindful Manager: Manager Development

Train your managers to shift from managing to workplace coaching to learn how to engage, develop, guide and coach employees to create high-performing and loyal talent. Learn more.


Executive Team Collaboration and Performance

Build a stronger, more cohesive and more productive executive team that effectively focuses on the needs, direction and opportunities of the business, instead of on infighting, egos and unnecessary conflicts that distract the executive team and complicate the workplace for all employees. Learn more.


Future Leaders

Train your top performers to step boldly into the roles of mindful manager and mindful leader to develop into the organization’s future leaders. Learn more.


The Performance Conversation

Provide meaningful and effective performance-based feedback that reduces employee defensiveness, improves employee development and encourages manager-employee relationships. Learn more.

Workplace and Professional Coaching

Develop proficiency in handling challenges and creating opportunities through guided professional coaching.

Additional programs include learning the five people skills to improve performance, pre-boarding and onboarding, mentoring, and more.

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