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Attract and Hire the Right Talent to Drive Greater Productivity, Performance and Retention

The Hire Wisely program introduces a process to train organizations to consistently and successfully hire the right employees. This is done through a proprietary process that includes unique tools from The Forte Factor to rethink the hiring process to better accommodate today’s workplace and workforce.

Rather than relying on traditional resumes that promote skill and experience, Hire Wisely retrains organizations’ hiring teams to define and focus on the behavioral requirements of the role, and to source and interview talent based on that clearly defined criteria.

The process follows four steps:

  1.   Define the tasks of the role and the performance attributes required for its success.
  2.   Source talent through both conventional and unconventional means.
  3.   Interview candidates using both behavioral-based questions and the Prove-it-to-Me (activity-based) Interview.
  4.   Create a successful pre-boarding and on-boarding plan to activate new employee energy, performance and loyalty.

An added benefit to the Hire Wisely program is the training provided to understand and use the Talent and Performance Style Assessment. The Talent and Performance Style Assessment provides:

  • Behavior-based insights to define the performance success attributes of a role,
  • The ability to more wisely develop, promote and engage employees based on behavioral and role alignment, and
  • The ability for the organization to develop insight into the behavioral success attributes for any role based on the profile of their top performers.

The Hire Wisely program has significantly improved operational results in organizations of all sizes in a number of different industries. Some success metrics from various clients include:

  • Increased employee productivity and performance
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved hiring effectiveness
  • Improved hiring time efficiency and reduction in hiring costs
  • Decreased average monthly and yearly employee turnover rates
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