Remote Employees

Effectively Hiring and Managing

In today’s hyper-connected world, a decreasing number of employees are required to physically show up for work under their organization’s roof. In the most recent State of The American Workplace report (2017), the Gallup Organization stated 43% of employees work remotely, and that number is rising. So how do you accommodate this shift in the workforce with the peace of mind that your employees are spending their time wisely to get the job done?

It all starts with ensuring that you have the right person for the job, that they clearly know what is expected, they have the right tools to achieve their results, they have a recurring performance conversation and they know how to measure their results. In short, today’s employees don’t need micro-management; they need to be engaged and held accountable, and they need to be aligned to the right job and regularly engage with a workplace coach.

The How to Effectively Hire and Manage Remote Employees program presents a structured and process-driven approach to hiring and managing remote employees. The components explored in this program create a solid approach to engaging, activating and inspiring the best performance from remote employees.

Presenting this program to your organization’s managers can present significant benefits, including:

  • An improved hiring process, resulting in more capable and competent remote employees
  • Improved employee accountability developed from clear performance expectations and performance reporting
  • Greater employee contribution, participation and entrepreneurial thinking
  • A more supportive and performance-driven workplace culture

Though all employees need to be well-aligned to their roles, know their performance expectations and have supportive coaching relationships with their managers, it is even more important to have this structure in place for remote employees.

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