The Mindful Manager

Shift from Managing to Workplace Coaching to Amplify Employee Engagement, Performance and Retention

The traditional approach to managing has been one of tell-and-direct, as opposed to ask-and-engage. Today’s workforce, however, demands a different environment and type of interaction, one that encourages dialogue, development and growth. In fact, the relationship employees have with their managers is most often what drives employee engagement, productivity, performance and retention. As a result, the traditional command-and-control form of management is one that often contributes to driving your best employees out.

The Mindful Manager program offers a solution to this challenge by training your managers to shift from managing to workplace coaching. The program focuses on awareness, self-discovery and self-management tools and techniques, along with an easy-to-learn coaching process to train managers how to think and act like a workplace coach to build stronger performance relationships with all employees. According to The Gallup Organization, the shift from managing to coaching is the single most important talent initiative every organization should be working on.

Incorporating Mindful Managers into your organization can present significant benefits, including:

  • Creating an engaging and supportive working environment
  • Attracting and retaining top talent and top performers
  • Solidifying your position as an employer of choice
  • Amplifying performance and organizational results

We all perform better with – and for – those who make time for us, who encourage, guide, support and develop us. Train your managers to think and act like coaches. Results will always show improvement.

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