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Amplifying Engagement and Development Through Improved Performance Feedback

Employees want and need to know how they are doing. Meaningful feedback that both celebrates successes and develops a plan to respond to challenges or performance shortfalls activates employee engagement, performance and loyalty.

However, most managers only focus on the areas of employee performance that need improvement. This results in employees feeling resentful and resistant to participate in any performance conversation. Who wants to continually hear about what they don’t do right and rarely hear about what is it they do right?

The Performance Conversation program presents an informed, structured and process-driven approach to providing meaningful and effective performance-based feedback. It introduces a mindfulness model to train the feedback giver, as well as the receiver, to tune in intentionally and clearly to more effectively assess performance as either working or not working. This approach provides data-driven and informed conversations and reduces feedback defensiveness.

Incorporating The Performance Conversation into your organization’s feedback approach can present significant benefits, including:

  • Improved conversations about both performance successes and challenges
  • Improved manager-employee relationships
  • A more supportive and performance-driven workplace culture
  • Greater employee contribution, participation and entrepreneurial thinking

Every employee needs to know how they’re doing. Getting your employees involved in The Performance Conversation is key to helping them learn, grow, develop and become more valuable to your organization.

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