The Energy Funnel Explained: Level 5

By Jay Forte, Coach, Author, Educator

For those who find themselves in Level 5 energy on the Energy Funnel, they are classified as “The Seeker.”

Level 5 energy is characterized by a deeper understanding of their place in the world and purposeful living. It manifests as being self-aware, confident, trusting and opportunity-focused. People in Level 5 energy are productive, insightful, intentional, supportive and strategic. They focus on a win-win mindset and seek out opportunities for everyone to be successful. They easily invent and see possibilities.

Notice that Level 5 energy is powerfully anabolic; you’re not only focusing on others, but on your own happiness and success. This creates a powerful impact on others, especially since those in Level 5 energy approach each situation with care and support.

What Level 5 Looks Like

Imagine you’ve been asked to join a focus group. You are part of team that includes fellow employees from all areas of your organization. The goal of the focus group is to expand ways to improve the customer experience that also improve the employee experience. All ideas are to be considered, as long as they improve things for employees and customers. You propose ideas and focus on building on the ideas of others. You are committed to the goal of improving things and making a difference that matters.

Or, as a parent, you hear your children arguing over a toy they both want to play with. You calmly step in to present an idea that allows both children to have time with the toy in a way that matters to each. Everyone is happy and everyone gets their turn with the toy.


  • Thought: Acceptance
  • Feeling: Confidence
  • Action: Creation
  • Advantages of Level 5 energy: everything is an opportunity and nothing is perceived as personal
  • Disadvantages of Level 5 energy: take big risks as a result of being too opportunity-focused; easy to disconnect from emotions and relationships by focusing too much on performance and achievement

Remember: when you notice that you are in Level 5 energy, you can become aware of what is inspiring this level of energy. You then have the choice to decide if you’ll continue to approach the situation with Level 5 energy or if you’ll leverage any of the other six levels.

As you become more aware of your emotions, and your understanding of the six levels of energy improves, you’ll see that your energy level is yours to choose. The result is that you can significantly improve your outlook, outcome and experience.

Important Questions from a Coach

  1. What activates Level 5 energy for you?
  2. How is Level 5 energy productive for you?
  3. How is Level 5 energy unproductive for you?
  4. When it is unproductive, how can you move to a more productive energy level?

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