There are so many places in life where we need to step out of where we are to do, say or be something more or different. When confronted with this exact situation, so many people back down. They turn away. They put up with a situation that needs a change. They settle.

I can do it positive message

Just imagine for a moment that you had an unlimited amount of courage. That this courage comes from deep in you and is available to you in any situation that you call for it. That this courage helps you say or do what you need to do with great respect and care for the other person or the other situation. That this courage is yours to claim and to use whenever and wherever you need it. Imagine that this courage helps you achieve the outcome you want.

With this image, do you now feel even just a bit more courageous?

I regularly share that the most wasted emotion is worry. To worry about things that may never happen ruins the current moment. To worry about things that do actually happen just wears you down and limits your success with the situation because you have used your energy to worry and have less available to respond.

And worry erodes our courage. When we focus instead on what our courage can create for us, we replace worry with possibility. Imagining a successful outcome to a problem or challenge empowers us to try when we may otherwise give up.

Life will always require you to tap into your courage. It is one of the abilities we all have, but one that most of us have not developed. It is there to help us through the situations that feel larger than we think we can handle. It is there to help us face challenges, obstacles and problems with the goal of helping us get to the other side and see how capable we are. In fact, the way to grow courage is to use it. The more you take that courageous first step to doing something difficult, the less self-talk you need to use to get yourself ready for the next one. Soon, you can confidently look at life’s situations and know that you have what it takes to figure them out and successfully deal with them.

Take Action
What is one thing that needs your courage to address, discuss or solve? Image yourself on the other side of it, having had success with it. Stay focused on this image. Now, what is the first thing you need to do to take action?

Remember this quote from A.A. Milne, “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and stronger that you think.” You are capable to create for yourself what you want and need at work and in life. Sometimes, it just takes courage to go get it.

By Jay Forte

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What If You Had No Limits?

By Jay Forte

Imagine living in a world where you can be anything you want to be. You have all the resources you need to achieve this. You have all the support you need to reach your goals.

With nothing holding you back, what would you choose?

Most of us don’t know because we struggle to imagine having no limits. Why? Because we are faced with an endless list of limitations every day, from ability to time, to resources, to support. That, coupled with the fact that our world is quick to remind us that life is filled with limitations, often results in choosing to be practical and play things safe.

But just imagine what you could do when those limitations are acknowledged as hurdles and not road blocks. 

See, when you acknowledge a limit and work with it, you can start to have better control over your capabilities. You can allow yourself to invent, create and imagine all that is meaningful and valuable in you because you push yourself to the edges and consider things that may have otherwise been ignored. You start to say what matters to you. You move past playing small.

If you don’t dream it, you can’t achieve it.

Our greatest lives are those that have moved us past our comfort zones, past what we think we can achieve, and introduced us to abilities and strengths we never knew we had. When we are afraid to try, afraid to push our limits, we prevent ourselves from discovering how amazing we are and what those amazing abilities can help us achieve. Our lack of self-awareness keeps us focused on our limits and playing small.

To push to your edges and challenge your limits, start asking questions like, “What if…” and “How about…”

For example:

  • What if I went back to college and pursued a degree in something I am passionate about?
  • What if I took the job I want to take instead of staying local where my family and friends are?
  • What if I applied for the role in the company others say is too big for me, but I totally can see myself in it?
  • Let’s imagine that we wrap this project and beat the deadline by a full week – what would that look like?
  • How about redefining this role in the company to include a remote or gig employee?
  • How about living in another country for a year?

We build limits to keep ourselves safe, but overtime, the limits we set for ourselves are often the very ones that box us in, making life and work smaller and less fulfilling. As a result, we can only truly live a fraction of our potential.

So, be self-aware. Go for the greatest image, vision or opportunity possible. Imagine, invent and create. You can scale things back if you need to, but give it a try first.

What could you create if you had no limits?

Important Questions from a Coach:

  1. In what areas in work and life do you impose limits?
  2. What is one dream, wish or adventure you want for yourself?
  3. What is one thing you will do today to start to move the edges of your limits to allow yourself a larger view?


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