Being Uniquely You

“The things that make me different are the things that make me.” – Winnie The Pooh

Each of us is uniquely awesome. We have our own set of strengths and talents and we also have our own liabilities and limitations. This allows each of us to have our own area in which to shine. There is truly room for all of us to be unique and our true selves.

My 6th grade teacher encouraged my entire class to learn and recite and important poem as we started each day, called “I am an individual” (taken from Learning the Skills of Peacemaking by Naomi Drew):

I am an individual.
I have dignity and worth.
I am unique.
I deserve respect
and I respect others.
I am part of the human family.
I have something special
to offer the world.
I am committed to
a peaceful world for all of us.
I make a difference,
and so do you.
I can accomplish
whatever I set out to do,
and so can you.
I am the key to peace.

Are you being true to you? Are you treating others – and yourself – with dignity and respect? Are you using your unique talents and strengths to make your difference in your world?

Take Action
When you start to feel yourself being inauthentic, or feel the pressure to be like others when it is not for you, revisit this poem. Remind yourself who you are, what value you have and how being you is a unique gift for our world.

Find your inner power. Become the leader of your life. Be happy. Be unique. Be an individual.

By Kristin Allaben

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