This can't be it, right?

A 4-week coaching program designed to help you get out of your funk.

Things aren’t where you thought they’d be at this point in your life.

You feel tested, disengaged, worn out, bored or disconnected.

More seems to be wrong than right in your life.

You thought this is what you wanted, but now that you have it, it doesn’t feel right or like a good fit.

Does this sound like you?

Sometimes, you can find yourself in a funk, disappointed and disengaged with life, and not seeing any way to change it.

Sometimes, you aren’t even sure why you feel so down, unmotivated or frustrated with life in general.

If you find yourself asking “this can’t be it, right?” then this program is for you. Join us for our 4-week program to learn how to get your energy back by learning how to better understand you, redefining what you want your life to look like and making it happen.

Why Should I Join?

Not sure about where your life is right now? It’s ok, we’ve all been there.

By being part of this program, you’ll learn how to leverage valuable tools to help you navigate any challenges life may throw your way, including how to first understand why you’re feeling the way you do.

Participants to this program will:

  1. Learn how to develop greater self-awareness and world-awareness
  2. Learn how to find their fit in today’s world
  3. Learn how to accept that their fit (or next step) in today’s world might not line up to where they currently are, where they thought they’d be, or will be the result of gaining awareness that they’re trying to live up to someone else’s expectations (not their own).
  4. Gain actionable tips to start making necessary changes to move toward a better and more aligned direction.

The Details

We’ll meet for one hour every week in August to discuss what’s going on in your life today and how you want it to be. The approach we use is called the Goalpost Model. We will define where you want to be (and how to determine this), where you are today (what’s working and not working) and how to close the gap between the two.

Our online, 4-week program is designed to accommodate even the busiest schedule. We meet weekly on Tuesdays in August from 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET via webinar. Our schedule is as follows:

  • Class 1: Tuesday, August 6
  • Class 2: Tuesday, August 13
  • Class 3: Tuesday, August 20
  • Class 4: Tuesday, August 27

As part of the program fee, participants will also be able to schedule one 30-minute coaching call at any point after Class #2, and one 15-minute follow-up coaching call at the completion of the program.

Class size is limited. Register now!


Attendees will receive:

  • A handout prior to each class
  • The “This Can’t be It” program manual
  • The Greatness Zone book
  • The Talent and Performance Style online Assessment

Register Now!

If you find yourself asking, “how did I get here? or “this can’t be it, right?” then this program is for you.

Join us for a 4-week program to learn how to ask yourself the tough questions – and be honest enough to get real answers. Take the time to get to know the real you and how to connect that you to the opportunities in work and life that fit, whomever you may be.